ImageI’ll have to admit, the idea of kale in smoothies was never really a appetizing taste for me. Whether it was the fact that I had to chew some of it, or the colour threw me off ~ something like that but I’m not really sure. Anywayyy, I was trying to convince myself to start liking the taste of the kale in a smoothie so I forced myself to make one. I tried to mix it with the sweetest {but still healthy} ingredients that we had in our kitchen. I took almond milk, peanut butter and banana to mix with the kale ~ the natural sugars created a good balance between the kale and it was a delicious afternoon snack :)

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!HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY, allure dé Vogue!


Already been a whole year? I don’t know how time has flown so fast but I am insanely grateful for how far the blog has come & it’s all thanks to you guys! Thank you for following me and my adventure on allure de Vogue, I promise this coming year will be even better (that is, if you thought it was good this year :P) :)

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ImageSo.. I actually worked up the courage to wear this hat ;) As much as I love hats this one was even a bit too much for me, but don’t worry ~ I still love it <3 I had to wear it at least once before winter was over! Anywayyy, this was for my final last day of seeing shows for Vancouver Fashion Week.

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